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who am I?
you and your
silver coloured teacups dance
(dance) (dance)
through the yellow coloured skies.
and who am I?
who am I to let you pass me by?
you silly beautiful girl.
feeling my heart breaking
into a piece
(or two) (or three)
as you go sailing by
through the yellow coloured skies.
so who am I?
yes, yes oh who am I to let you go right on by?
you, oh you, oh you...
would it be me you'd come to
if the stars suddenly fell
(fell down) (fell down)
from the skies tonight?
woud it be I that you'd want
if the moon sailed down to say
would it be me that you'd think of
tomorrow when the light's on the ground?
(champagne's in the hand) (champagne for the band)
so who the hell am I?
yes I don't know, so who am I to let you go by
without saying goodbye.
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Distant Horizon by 777333 Distant Horizon :icon777333:777333 2 2
I'm lost in a whirl,
Lost in a fairytale.
And I don't think I deserve you.
:icon777333:777333 2 0
Dead End Relationship
Just the price of a one way car trip,
He says she can pay for the return.
She flings her bra across the room
and closes her eyes as he comes.
Wishing he were the one
He were the one.
And now she's stuck
in a dead end.
Just watching the world fly past.
Now she's counting the days
till the end.
Waiting for someone to play her lie.
It's an hour after ten,
And she picks up the phone and he's there.
Simple things like
"how was your day"
Makes her wish that he was the one.
That he was the one.
Cos now she's trapped
in a dead end.
Just watching the world fly past.
And she's counting the days
till the end.
Waiting for someone to see through her lie.
And then the days turn to weeks
And the months seem to fade into years
And she's wondering why she stays
Clutching the ring in the palm of her hand.
Cos she'll stay there
in that dead end.
Just watching the world fly past.
Though she's counting the days
till the end.
Hoping they all see through her lie.
Though she knows it will kill him inside.
:icon777333:777333 3 1
Blank Page
I can only express this in
words on a blank page
without harming thse around me by
expressing how I really feel.
I hate that I've only just realised how
you are.
I didn't want to leave.
I can't say that to your face without
destroying everything.
So here on this blank page,
I'm going to tell anyone who gives a fuck,
how much I wish I was
back in your arms tonight.
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Make Them Laugh
My eyes are sore and my hands are loaded
(but I'm pretty sure I saw you there)
The crowd, they laughed at every joke;
on the inside they all
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Self Restraint
The lady who looked up as the seat next to her was suddenly occupied with a loud thump seemed rather old and rather frail. The pair of outrageously baggy purple pants, polished leather shoes and ruffled white polka dot blouse, all of which had seen better days, tended to lead the viewer to a different perspective of Mrs. Lucretia Matthews.
"Rather annoying weather we've been having today."
The girl next to her had said this rather conversationally, so Mrs. Matthews remembered turning to nod as she continued. "See it was so very cold this morning, but now…"
She had paused, and the older woman, who was in her late sixties and could therefore not be relied upon to recall facts accurately, had told the police that she had agreed with the girl, nodding her head and pointing out that she herself was still bundled up in a multi coloured scarf from the morning.
"It's so hot now." She slipped out of her jacket, leaning back against the bench with a sigh and letting it fall down around her.
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Don't You Escape
I can feel the blood
through my veins.
It gets worse
when I feel
like I do now.
It becomes harder to
when I want more
than just this.
Until all I can think of
is capturing
the sharpness of
with my skin;
until it shall
:icon777333:777333 1 2
In The Days All Gone
"We know about you." The words were slow and harsh.
Adele lowered her eyes slowly, mind racing as her lids flickered shut. How did they know? How could they have even found out about what had happened? This was why she had not told them. This was why...
The group of men standing before her watched her with new eyes, their gazes unfamiliar and no longer friendly. Willum, standing at the front, stared, his gaze hurt and tormented by the news. He turned away, shaking his head, not trusting himself to speak. The man standing beside him spoke again, one hand raised to rest lightly on his friend's shoulder, a comforting weight. "Tie her up. We'll return her to the castle and give her back to him."
Adele stopped, her eyes opened, her confusion spreading through her gaze. Return? But...why? Surely they... Then she realised what was wrong. They had not yet guessed the truth behind the owner of the castle. They did not know the secret.
Slowly she looked up. "I cannot go back there."
Silence. The
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Summer Lovin' by 777333 Summer Lovin' :icon777333:777333 1 0
ES 2
I hit me
a few weeks back
(I really wasn't expecting it)
So when it hit me
I fought back.
I always thought
at first sight
was such a silly idea.
And I certainly proved
myself right.
I can't recall us ever running
out of conversation.
I can't recall when a fight
didn't end in hugs
or being pushed in a pool.
I don't know how to say
exactly how I feel.
Because I haven't
known you
for a day
a week
an hour
or a month.
I've known you for
so much longer.
And it's only now I realise
just how much
:icon777333:777333 1 2
Mature content
Falling Heads Over... :icon777333:777333 0 0
My Harmony
Someone is always needed to
offset the tune,
Like perfection
needs flaws,
to point out
how wonderfully whole
it can be.
Like black needs
white and grey
to show how colourful
the world is.
Like friends offer
love to make up
for sadness.
Like one person
want another
to fill the gaps in their self.
Like all songs need
a harmony
to get the tune
:icon777333:777333 0 0
I won't let you down.
I'm not sure I've ever said this
to the people who
to those I care about.
I worry a lot -
not because I'm obssessive
or clingy -
just because I tend to care
for people I've only just met
(or in some cases
people I've never physically met)
I won't leave you.
Something I probably should have
said more
to those who mattered.
And though the past is
the past,
I still feel as though
I could have done more.
Admitting to someone
that you'll never ever
leave them,
that you'll always care,
and that you'll always
be there with arms open
for them,
is what I should scream and scream and scream
every day.
Because the people who make up
the little details of my day
seem to end up being
the most important.
I love you.
Probably said too often.
And not often enough.
It's strange but nice how friendship
can reach that point when you
genuinely LOVE another person.
Not in the "I want to spend the rest
of my life with you" way;
in that "my life would be pre
:icon777333:777333 1 2
Far Away Over There by 777333 Far Away Over There :icon777333:777333 2 8 Watch Me Leave by 777333 Watch Me Leave :icon777333:777333 1 3



Misunderstood Understanding
The best thing about finding a space to share your work is that you are not only sharing what you write or what you draw or photograph. You find yourself sharing a part of yourself, at times with complete strangers, because you sympathise or agree or disagree with what they think or believe. You come across moments where you realise that the emotion or the situation that you may have just experienced or been through has been felt by another living and breathing (hopefully!) person. And in reading on and finding others with similar emotions and experiences, I can come to the conclusion that we're all just human. And this all happens to us. If it's happened to me or to you or to a friend then it's probably happened to someone else.

I don't know about anyone else but that makes me feel so much better, despite all my forthcomings and issues. If I feel the pain at the loss of someone then I can be pretty damned certain that there are many a people out there who have felt the same - and can express it a lot more eloquently! I guess in the end I can hold on to the thought that if someone else survived whatever I'm going through then I'm sure as hell not going to be the one to give in.

Peace x
I just got back from a two week holiday in Thailand. Of course it's currently not the peak tourist season so most of the photos I've taken are of the wet and rainy type rather than the OH MY GOD DOES THAT BEACH REALLY EXIST type.

Either way I'm aiming on trying to put some photos up sometime in the not too distant future.


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